Technical Data

Geo-Fix® compound is suitable for use on all types of paving elements having a joint width of at least 5mm wide and a joint depth of at least 25mm. There is no limit as to the maximum joint width provided that the compound is compacted into the joint.

Geo-Fix® exceeds the British Standard cyclic Freeze/ Thaw test (BCLR:BM2:1993). This test normally runs for 100 cycles however after testing for 200 cycles no damage occurred to the Geo-Fix®

No shrinkage is experienced with Geo-Fix® during curing.

Although the standard colours of Geo-Fix® are buff or grey virtually any colour can be manufactured.

Data Sheets:

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MSDS Data Sheet (81KB)

Geo-Fix® Working and Curing Times

The curing and working times of Geo-Fix® are temperature dependent. The warmer the temperature the quicker the compound cures, the compound is even suitable for use in temperatures below freezing point providing it is kept dry until it is fully cured.

Geo-Fix® Compressive Strength Development

Geo-Fix® has superior crushing strengths than traditional mortar jointing.

Geo-Fix® Flexural Strength Development

The excellent flexural properties of Geo-Fix® make it an ideal compound for jointing paving elements.

  Natural Strength N/mm2 Deflection Rate mm
Mortar 3:1 7days 11.9 0.3
Mortar 6:1 7days 3.9 0.18
Geo-Fix® 7days 14.0 1.0