New Applications


Step 1

Lay the paving onto the base in accordance with the paving manufacturers instructions. Allow a minimum joint width of 5-6mm and a depth of at least 25mm.


Step 2

Carefully open the vacuum-packed bag and sprinkle Geo-Fix® over the area to be joined. Work in small areas of approx 2-3 square metres at a time. Once open the entire bag must be used within one hour.


Step 3

Using a soft brush, push the Geo-Fix® compound into the joints at a 45° angle.


Step 4

Firmly compact Geo-Fix® with a pointing tool, refill and repeat ensuring a fully compacted & topped joint. Firm compaction is the key to the successful laying of Geo-Fix®. Ensure Geo-Fix® is finished slightly below the surface.


Step 5

After application, brush off excess with a soft brush, taking care not to brush out any Geo-Fix® from the treated area. Geo-Fix® will harden over a 2-3 hour period